“Siobhan has a coveted mix of both front-line journalism, and brand marketing experience. She has a brilliantly creative mind, able to see beyond the ordinary to conceive solutions to problems others may give up on. An expression of her reflective and analytical mind, Siobhan always gives well-considered advice, be it to clients, team members or management. She is a hard worker, capable multi-tasker and an all ’round decent person that always gives her best.”
– Heather Jones, Chief Strategist and Co-Founder, Filtered Media

“I worked with Siobhan in the heady days of the Dot.Com 1.0 when the web was new and exciting, and more recently in the new and exciting industry of Content Marketing. Siobhan is a creative, insightful person, with a good grasp on client service, and a dry enjoyable sense of humour. She’s great at coming up with thoughtful, comprehensive solutions, and would make a great contribution to the sorts of diverse teams of people who work in the content marketing space. She has a strong background in web publishing, SEO and SEM, as well as writing and content production, and is happy to take on a range of different kinds of tasks, develop new skills, and pass her skills onto others. I’d be happy to work with her again, and would commend her to any editorial or production team.”
– Jeanne-Vida Douglas, Content Strategist, Filtered Media

“Siobhan is highly competent digital producer as equally adept at researching and writing as she is at multimedia content production. She’s a fast independent worker who is typically very quick to understand the brief, but you can rely on her to proactively communicate when required. Siobhan is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her without hesitation.”
– Jess Ross, Managing Director, Wilson Fletcher

“Siobhan is very detail-oriented and I always felt comfortable relying on her to ensure the quality of the content she managed…. Her understanding and proficiency in Social Media has been an important contributor to the success of our brands in that space and she has admirably lead our Social Bookmarking and Social Media efforts, helping to set Best Practices across the board.”
Margo Tiffen, Head of Online, IDG

“Switched-on, and tech-savvy. Writes fast and punchy. Forward-thinking on all things digital and social media.”
Elton Cane

“Siobhan is a first rate professional and great company – a winning combination.”
Mike Simons


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