Health and lifestyle articles

Orthorexia: When healthy eating becomes an obsession

Learn to knit like a guerrilla

Strangest dining spots in the land

Ten of the worlds most remote bars

Tech writing

Computerworld UK

Some examples of my writing at Computerworld UK can be found here and here.

Long-form copywriting

Please inquire if you wish to know more about my corporate writing projects. Here are some examples:

“Microsoft Dynamics AX is intuitive and user friendly. It is the best in its class.” Institute of Engineering Management Boosts Student Career Prospects with Multilingual Business Tools

BizTalk Server freed us from thinking about the mechanics of the integration and helped us to focus on developing and implementing the business process itself. Tesco Develops Online Ordering System That Processes 5,000 Orders per Hour

CitrixBrochure for Citrix featuring written client studies.

Further examples of my written work are available on request.

Ad form Copywriting

Brief: To increase awareness of ThinkUKnow, an Internet safety program run by the Australian Federal Police for primary and secondary school students across Australia. To educate people about Internet bullying.

Idea: That what we do online can have repercussions, and come back to hurt us.

Campaign: Skyscrapers and banners across ninemsn properties. A boy sends a girl a mean message, the girl tells her friends, her three friends send the boy a mean message each, increasing the hurt threefold.



Nature's Own NZ mrecs


During my time at Metia, I was a contributor to the company’s blog. This was the company’s first foray into blogging and I was one of the pioneers of its social media strategy. Examples of my writing can be found hereherehere and here.


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